Stedfast is a quality assurance management system for education and training providers. Stedfast users have access to the outcomes assessment module, curriculum planning, staff management (for line managers), CPD, Policies and Risk Assessment.


The dashboard displays any programme reviews you are associated with. When the admin creates an assessment plan, which will have review cycles, they will also add other members of staff as Stedfast is a collaborative environment.

The dashboard will show the plans title and the assessment cycle title in each tile. Each information tile will also display the number of actions that have been allocated to you and how many have been completed. It will also show the number of measures that have been allocated to you and how many have findings.

If the dashboard is blank it means that the staff user is not part of any assessment plans.

At the top of the page are the modules.

From the dashboard, you can view these actions and measures by clicking the relevant + icon. On the My Actions page, you can edit, add attachments or delete your actions. More about actions can be found in the assessment plans section of this help guide.

On the measures page, you can find the details of:

  • The assessment plan
  • The plan sections
  • The findings
  • Cycle resource files