The Risk Assessment module is designed to allow users to understand all aspects of delivery and ensure that they identify and manage risks, hazards and vulnerabilities.

Each risk assessment will have one plan owner who can delete it and also change its basic information.

This is the basic information a plan owner can change
  • Risk Type
  • Archived? Yes or no.
  • Plan Owner
  • Risk Assessment Name

Further detail can be found by clicking the ‘i’ button under action. This will bring up a grid that displays the likelihood of each risk corresponding with the level of consequence. Each number represents the number of risks with that likelihood and level of consequence.

Each box can be clicked on to show information about that risk(s).

Under the table is a section called supporting documents. This allows the plan owner or risk assessment editors to upload documents related to the risk assessment. Staff that are not editors will still have access to uploaded documents but cannot upload their own.

Below is the text section for additional detailed information. This allows all users to view what has been written. This information can be added by the admin, risk assessment owner and editors.

Below are the risk sections. The risk section is where the actual risks are added which will appear in the table above. Individual risks can be divided into separate risk sections. Only editors and the owner can add or edit a risk and edit or delete the section.

Admin, the owner and editors can edit existing risks with the green icon on the right of a risk. Other users will just be able to view all of the details of a risk.

On the right is the options tab which has the pdf report of the risk assessment for all users. Below that the admin, owner or already added editors can add other editors and see which users are currently editors. They can also select associate policies.

At the bottom is a list of all the previous reviews and when the next one is due.

When you add a new risk into a risk section you will have to fill in in the following details:
  • What are the risks, hazards or vulnerabilities?
  • What is the likely consequence?
  • What are you currently doing about it?
  • What do you plan to do about it?
  • What is the likelihood of this happening?
  • How serious an effect could this have?
  • Who will manage this action?
  • Is there a set target date?
  • Has the action been fully completed?